Profile Guru

Transforming workforce compliance online

Cut duplication and simplify arduous HR in health, sport, security and education

It’s no surprise that postal security checks, 12 page forms and delays from background checks cause a headache for both the candidate and the employer.
Profile Guru provides an engaging online portal for candidates to complete their compliance digitally and digest content such as stories, events, images and opportunities.

Employers benefit from a rich applicant tracking system to complete quality checks on candidates and promote content to their staff bank.

Our Approach

As an entirely bootstrapped business all aspects of the project delivery were covered internally as were all commercial strategy, cash flow analysis and growth planning work streams.

Hiring key members to support the growth of the product while keeping lean by outsourcing where possible enabled the business to scale without any external investment.

Our Journey

Before 2012

Incubated within Byng for 18 months; our team serviced the rising number of clients using the platform.

Solidifying our multi-tenanted platform into a true SaaS product and building a team behind the product.

Saas in 2012

New sectors in 2013

Originally grown in the sports industry the product evolution moved into care and health markets.

Government Cloud Store acceptance and promotion of the product through new channels.

Cloud Store May 2014

New model May 2014

Government Cloud Store acceptance and promotion of the product through new channels.

ResourceGuru is born, formerly called SkillsWeb. New look and feel plus brand

New Brand and UI November 2014

Our Skills

Product design
Product strategy
agile delivery
3rd Level Support
Online service
User experience

Recent Projects

  • Consentz

    As founding technology partners we are responsible for product strategy, design and build

  • Geniac

    Byng was chosen to build a new business proposition, allowing companies to manage their professional services online

  • Key Note

    Key Note chose us to design, build and support their entire business via a digital proposition