Data Designer

building and integrating the UI for a complex data management solution

Data Designer allows organisations to define, organise, access and control their ever-evolving data models

The financial industry is under immense pressure to significantly improve the way it manages data.  This is for the benefit of helping management better analyse and understand its businesses as well as respond to an increasing number of data requests from regulators.

Data Designer enables the design of metadata, given a data model, and brings together an overview of all related components - e.g., governance, rules, provenance, reference data, etc.  Specifically for financial regulation, it provides regulatory data requests in a more useable form than currently exists, via an organised and easily accessible collection of data and definitions.  For a company’s own data needs, it provides features to dramatically improve management of an institution's own metadata and data.

Our Approach


The team at Data Designer needed an experienced engineering partner to continue work on the user interface, make improvements to the front end architecture and integrate the browser client into the back-end application. It was imperative that their chosen partner had a development style based on the reactive manifesto, strong experience in their front end tech stack, solid quality assurance processes and agile delivery processes in place.

We suggested that team simplified the front end architecture by removing React and ecore JS from the stack, relying more on AngularJS to do the heavylifting. We suggested this to improve maintainability and lower the cost of ownership for the tech.


Byng worked with AngularJS, Atmosphere (to create web sockets), Jasmine + Karma (for unit testing) and LESS (for UI implementation)


Our team became a part of Data Designer's roadmap and sprint plans. Delivery was a pleasure throughout, communication was largely maintained via daily standups with Data Designer's development team. Requirements were authored as stories by Data Designer and managed in a variety of tools, including YouTrack and Jira.

Our Journey

Due Diligence

Assessing the application architecture, code, business and delivery practices

Planning the project and aligning delivery methodologies. Organising commercial approach. Input into architectural decisions


software engineering

Picking up legacy code, building out the front end, including UI development and integration

Skills Used

agile engineering

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