Commercial credit broking platform

Capitalise is an online platform that enables SMEs and their trusted advisers to find, compare and apply for finance.

Based in our offices the Capitalise team and Byng researched the fintech sector and analysed the opportunity to create a digital commercial credit broker for online platforms. By modelling the existing non-digital industry and automating the role of existing brokers we created a smoother experience for the businesses and their advisers to find funding.

Our Approach

We created a dedicated agile team within Byng to realise the minimum viable product (MVP) and take the product to market. 6 months after starting we delivered a product which brokered it's first online deal.

Further iterations and user testing refined the proposition so increasing the performance of the digital product. In summer 2015, 12 months after our engagement began, the product received investment and has launched further and wider in the market.

Our Journey

Shaping the product

Using Impact Mapping to guide the product development and create the backlog.

Running the UX and visual design for the platform with the help from Anthony Mann (from Make us Proud) to create clickable prototypes.

UX and visual design

Quality Software

Building the responsive UI and creating a web application to manage the workflow. Using Protractor, Jenkins and Symfony2 we achieved a high level test coverage across the application.

With significant requirement for complex integrations we created a high performance microservice in Scala

Using Scala to scale


Product design
Product strategy
Fund Raise
agile delivery
crm integration

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