Supporting the birth of a global tech brand

We delivered a smart campaign site to initiate a new brand for a fast growing tech company

Automic is a fast growing multinational providing business automation technology to enterprise sized clients.

Automic is the world’s most comprehensive platform automating business, providing a globally deployed automation platform that powers enterprise, infrastructure and application in order to bridge the potential breakage points in IT, operations and financial systems.

Automic provides business automation solutions to over 2,000 companies worldwide across a variety of sectors, including financial, utilities, retail and telecoms sectors with some very innovative names such as Nike, T-Mobile and Ebay.


Our Approach

Byng built a highly interactive campaign page ‘The art of the possible’, for the launch of Automic, the rebrand of UC4. The Art of the Possible is the first phase of a complete relaunch of Automic’s digital platform to take on the look, feel and attitude of the new brand.

The page used strong visual language to communicate the history of the company from inception in Austria in 1985 to current day. This included responsive and interactive content.

Byng plotted an SVG file of the new company logo (a Spirograph) and modified a jQuery plugin based on Raphaël JS (Lazy Line Painter) to draw the Spirograph as the user scrolls through the page. As the user reaches the end of the page the Spirograph zooms out and the new company identity is revealed.


Our Journey

Agile delivery

Given the length of the project and the unformed brand and business strategy, we delivered under an agile methodology.

We worked intensively to ensure the creative was feasible within constraints.

UX reviews


Playign with technology options to create the desired interactions in the browser

Our skills

agile delivery
creative technology
complex front end

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