Building interactive content for the worlds largest insurer

Byng was chosen to develop an interactive online experience to promote Allianz’s car insurance products

We were approached to build a self contained front-end asset for Allianz, to communicate their car insurance product range - in collaboration with our design partner, project lead and friends at SomeOne/Else.

Our Approach

Articulating insurance products in an engaging fashion is quite a rarity. We succeeded in creating a ‘storytelling’ experience for Allianz which guides prospective customers through the benefits of including 10 different optional ‘add ons’ to their car insurance policy.

The 10 ‘add ons’ were broken out into scenarios. These scenarios have two separate scenes to illustrate the positive and negative impacts of including or not including the optional add on. The result was a highly visual approach which provides a much more rich and digestible means of selling a modular insurance product range.

Byng used Greensock, a JavaScript animation platform, to bring to life the 20 different scenes.

The backdrop to each scene looks like a ‘never ending’ landscape. This was achieved by SomeOne/Else designing the landscape on rotating discs. Byng altered the speeds of the foreground and background elements to achieve a slick parallax effect.

The car and other elements of the scene ‘story’ were added on top of the rotating discs and were animated using Greensock also. Byng prototyped the experience, working from storyboards to prove the design approach. We delivered final outputs 4 weeks from project initiation.


Our Journey


Working with the team at SomeOne/Else to map the achievability of designs

Picking best of breed animation technology, GreenSock



Working with prelim design outputs to get a functioning and testable prototype

Building on the prototype to complete all scenes and creating an iframe to embed



Undertaking rigorous quality assurance to ensure integrity of outputs

Helping Allianz embed the iframe on the car insurance page


Our Skills

complex front end
agile delivery
creative technology

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