3 Tools to Validate Product Assumptions with Metrics

Part of our series of beating the competition with an agile and iterative mobile product strategy, we look at one of the guiding principles of Lean Methodology; measuring what’s going on with your product.

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Doing mobile well, fast and killing the competition.

Using agile delivery and technology to create successful mobile applications

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The Self-Service Oxymoron

Is Self Service really Automation? We take a look at dividing the two and what that means for creating digital products.

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Scaling Horizontally

Scaling horizontally and throwing hardware at the problem Matthew Ward, our head of software development at Byng shares his detailed thoughts on what is something of a hot topic amongst the engineers here at the moment, and a subject he's given a special focus to for a long time.

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Byng ran it's May hackathon last Friday and Saturday in our brand new Leeds office. Thanks to our amazing engineers for their fantastic participation! The team formulated a series of projects to work on during the allotted time, split off into groups and went forth to design, code and eat much pizza.

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