Engineering in Portugal: Byng’s team there is one year old!

Twelve months ago our third engineering office came online, this time in Portugal. Led by Nuno Ferreira, the team of 12 awesome engineers in Braga, Portugal, helping realise digital products for startups, enterprise clients and consultancies looking for a build partner.

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Agency Stack - The preferred stack for developing digital products and services

Let’s face it - there’s more to life than switching resource planner or issue tracker. So trusting in the wisdom of crowds - and you are a smart crowd - then it’s worth seeing if your app ecosystem is going to make you feel like Prince(ss) of the Processes or Bodger the Badger.

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Digital & Mobile presence in the fleet servicing and contract hire market

What are the trends in digital within the fleet management and servicing businesses? We’ve researched the largest UK fleet servicing and contract hire businesses to see how mature their on-line offerings are.

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Fad or Fact? A scorecard for evaluating new technology (with 3 examples)

Making the right technical and commercial decisions when choosing software and technology.

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Maximising profitability through a mobile strategy in fleet services, leasing and contract hire

Asset finance based businesses thrive off utilisation and unsurprisingly, technology can help drive this whilst also reducing the operating costs associated with managing and maintaining assets.

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