SME FINANCE: Lending and the API Economy

APIs used to just be something that only your IT team needed to worry about, so why is this relevant to business strategy? This article will look at the business opportunities that will present themselves by excelling in an API strategy.

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3 lessons learned as a test engineer

James Thomas is our lead test engineer at Byng, responsible for planning and delivering testing for Mobile (Ionic/Angular), Web App (Symfony/Angular) and CMS (Pimcore) projects.

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Byng becomes Kentico partner

Kentico is a .NET Web CMS, marketing and ecommerce platform. It is a great SiteCore alternative…Byng already works with Adobe Experience Manager, Pimcore and Drupal but we often come across clients looking for a .NET solution.

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Messaging + Workflow: The reality of chatbots for assisting customer experience

A range of topics including No UI, chatbots or straight up AI based interface are all over the digital press. Can all organisations expect to create and embed our very own AI assistant to replace our business model? What does the next generation actually look like over the coming years. We investigate...

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Our Leeds team gets a new office: An investment for scaling

Byng is coming up to its tenth birthday. We have grown organically out of UCL, from only a few engineers building digital products and corporate sites for a few select clients, to a mature delivery team of 35 people with consultants, business analysts, engineering leadership, SCRUM masters...and all the rest!

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