Engineering in Portugal: Byng’s team there is one year old!

A great team - also on the same time zone!

Twelve months ago our third engineering office came online, this time in Portugal. Led by Nuno Ferreira, the team of 12 awesome engineers in Braga, Portugal, help to realise digital products for startups, enterprise clients and consultancies who need an expert build partner. 

This brings our team size at Byng to 35 technology specialists and consultants, dedicated to accelerating the delivery of digital products.

It’s been a great honour working with such a great team - here’s to another year!

Travel, it's no problem - it’s a beautiful city...

No surprise, cross-border training is our most popular request from both sides!

Our Portuguese office has similar expertise to our high performance team in Leeds. This includes AngularJS, ReactJS (they run a monthly ReactJS meetup), Node.js (one the guys is a core contributor), Scala (for powerful microservices) and Symfony2 (for web portals).

In addition to web technologies, Portugal built three sophisticated native mobile apps (iOS and Android) last year.

What does this mean for you? Go direct!

Throughout 2015, Byng has run programmes of work through our London consultancy team with specific projects split off and worked on by our team in Braga. This works well to accelerate large roadmaps for our enterprise clients.

As of 2016, Byng is also opening up direct relationships with the team in Portugal for our consultancy and digitally saavy clients. If you don’t need our consultancy to set-up the project, then we’ll keep that lean and we’re able to set you up with a direct relationship with the Technical Leads in Portugal to work direct.

This means a day rate which is similar to a London contractor - but crucially 1) you only pay for what you need rather than everyday with a contractor (so no budget overruns) and 2) knowledge is kept within the team.

Catering for all sizes of projects...

On the plus side as your project scales you’ve got the Byng teams in London and Leeds to manage the larger programmes of work and your enterprise clients.

Additionally, looking for expert Drupal engineers? We’re setting up our next office right now - watch this space!

Looking for a reliable partner to handle your technology builds or to expand into at busy times? Drop us a line and we’ll share our credentials and review your brief to rustle up a technology approach to help you with your pitch...