Digital & Mobile presence in the fleet servicing and contract hire market

Online services for fleet customers…

Over the past 4 months we've been analysing the fleet industry, surveying the landscape to understand how digital is being used across the board. We surveyed 50 leading fleet businesses in the UK, reviewed their digital footprints and discovered various technological trends along the way.

Of the 50 companies we reviewed, 59% have an online service of one form or another. Most of these are web based and are accessible directly from their website.

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Of those, which can be accessed by mobile?

Of the 30 with an online service, only 5 of these are accessible on mobile. In 2014 the majority of traffic switched to being on mobile. As discussed in our article around maximising profitability in the fleet industry, there is an opportunity to create longer term and embedded relationships with customers in the fleet industry, through a mobile strategy.

Whether this is a mobile app installed on a device or a mobile optimised web experience; creating a rich and engaging experience for customers will surely increase engagement.

From the fleet and leasing companies we surveyed, a number have already started to widen access to mobile users by adopting responsive web technology, with 29% of customer portals being accessible by mobile:


Of all of fleet management companies we looked at, a relatively minor number have mobile apps available for customers, for drivers or for both. Having the mobile icon on the device homescreen creates a huge amount of brand value with customers and can create additional revenue stream potential - see our increasing profitability article for the fleet and leasing market where we delved into some of the opportunities. 

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A mobile strategy for success?

At Byng we see an opportunity for a defined and mature mobile strategy to drive uniqueness and higher life-time value from customers. Our thoughts are shared in our fleet management insight report, Maximising Profitability through a Mobile Strategy in Fleet Services, Leasing and Contract Hire.