Google Atmosphere 2013

Getting the Atmosphere.

It doesn’t look like "Enterprise" but it certainly is. An afternoon over at The Brewery to see what Google are doing in the Enterprise space packed full of London’s CTOs.

Amit Singh delivered the Keynote opener showing off the stats and trajectory of Google’s growth in business applications and environments. 900 million Android devices is a lot!

Ocado showed off their robotic warehouse interior with various apps powered on GoogleApps.

New TFL website coming with a full responsive design merging all the disparate digital properties into a consolidated platform.

Of course they showed the Google Glass demo on YouTube.

The message for us business application providers? The work of mobility plus web services offers a huge opportunity to create online services. Google has shifted from being mostly a software as a service type company to broadening into platform as a service (AppEngine) and now infrastructure as a service (yes, the Arse acronym!)

Ooo, hello, operating system-less servers

Our take out? We’ll there is the chance that we will actually see some decent usage of the Google AppEngine now that is has opened its doors to PHP.

So hold-up, we can write applications and deploy them straight into a scalable environment without thinking about Linux kernels, security patches, Apache MaxRequests, database I/O or even disk space?

Yes! And this is probably something significant. Microsoft got there with PHP support in the Azure platform but failed to wow developers to their platform most likely because they were still linked to servers.

The point here is that developers don’t really need servers – that is a bygone model based on previous hardware infrastructure. Developers simply need pipes of data that they can control with a programming language familiar to themselves. Putting PHP into the AppEngine seems to do just that and we will certainly be giving this a go!

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